OKBet Casino Enter Evolution’s Smart Lobby with Quick Nav & Smart Seach

Time is the most valuable resource that any of us possesses. Many people seek the path of least resistance because they have limited free time each day.

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The easier it is to find something entertaining, the more likely you will choose to focus on it. As a result, appealing to players and luring them in as painlessly as possible is essential. That is exactly what Evolution hopes to accomplish with their most recent Smart Lobby addition.

AI-powered navigation

The recommendation engine is one of the most significant additions to Evolution’s Smart Lobby. It employs artificial intelligence to track what games you play and then recommends new releases based on that data. Consider Netflix or YouTube recommending what to watch based on your viewing history; the same principle applies here.

These recommendations can be found in the lobby’s special ‘For You’ section. There are also recently played games listed in the order you played them in the space. That straightforward approach makes returning to a game you enjoyed a breeze.

In the new Smart Lobby, game categories make a comeback. Players can sort games by type once more. You can browse for releases that interest you with just one click or tap. You can sort through the categories of blackjack, baccarat & sic bo, roulette, poker, land-based, and game shows in the lobby. Additional subcategories can help you narrow down your results even more.

Smart Search is another excellent feature provided by Evolution. The improved version of searching will display games even if the descriptor is broad. Simply typing dice into the search bar will yield dice games. This includes Craps, Super Sic Bo, and Bac Bo, despite the fact that those titles do not include the word “dice.”

Preview of Games

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We also like how Evolution’s Smart Lobby now includes a game preview. Have you ever seen a title that sounded intriguing but you weren’t sure if it was right for you? The game preview option displays a live video stream of the action as it occurs in the title. The preview is activated by hovering over the window on a computer or by tapping once on a mobile device.

A preview will show some game details in addition to watching the action. Members can view bet limits, the most recent winning numbers, and a brief game description. The lobby will also include suggestions for titles that are similar to it.

The specifics of what you see will vary depending on the game. Games that use roads, such as baccarat, will display road statistics rather than winning numbers. Furthermore, the lobby will label games, such as adding a New tag to all newly released titles.

We can also play a game while browsing the Smart Lobby, thanks to Evolution. It minimizes the release in your screen’s bottom right corner. While browsing the lobby, you can keep an eye on the action and a seat at the table. You can return to the game by simply clicking or tapping the preview in the corner.

Quick Access to Information

Additionally, the developer does an excellent job of displaying which tables are available in OKBet live casino. If a game tile appears normally, with no lock pads or greyed-out screens, it is available for play. Recently played games on mobile will have a large play button on the game tile, allowing you to jump right back into the action.

Evolution’s Salon Prive tables provide an exclusive experience by allowing only one player per table. If someone else plays at a Salon Prive table, the game tile will have a lock pad on it. It will also say occupied, so you know you need to look for another table.

While many Evolution releases are available 24 hours a day, not all tables are. When a table closes, text is displayed when it reopens. The on-screen opening hours are in your local time, so you don’t have to worry about time zone conversion.

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