Retro Vegas - How Slots Games Are Created

Retro Vegas – How Slots Games Are Created

Playing slot machines is the most low-key option for many of us to satisfy our gambling needs. You throw caution to the wind and hope for the best as you spin the reels for pure entertainment value. What about the development of such fantastic video games? Something different.

The creation process is lengthy and complex, despite our seeming ease with engaging with them as players. In honor of Retro Vegas’s release, it would be great to give you a glimpse of the development process of making these entertaining games a reality.

Did you realize it may take a year from the time you have an idea till you hit a reel spinner? A year of constant effort from as many as fifteen hardworking individuals. How much is that? Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what that implies…

Retro Vegas – Who’s involved?

A wide range of skills and knowledge are required to design a successful slot game.


The game’s designers are responsible for determining the finished product’s scope, tone, and visual style. They need to “put the pieces of the puzzle together” (excuse the pun).


The random number generator will only work properly if these guys are brought in. The basis of these games is that the ensuing numbers are truly random and impossible for a human to predict.

Art Directors

The creative minds behind the show’s aesthetics and direction. The visual style of the characters, the layout, and the symbols that appear on the reels.

Sound Team

A group also makes those wild noises that we all enjoy so much. Composers, audio engineers, and producers of all stripes.

Tech Team

While a graphic designer isn’t always necessary, a system developer who can handle the necessary coding must. Since most players access games on their smartphones, the development process is identical for both mobile and desktop platforms. HTML5 is the preferred platform and programming language.


The next step is, of course, testing. “Game testers” are recruited from within to ensure perfection. External testing by industry heavyweights like eCOGRA and iTech Labs verifies the RNG’s true randomness. Several checks and evaluations are used.


The configurator is the last link in the chain, but its function is crucial. They and the programmers must guarantee a successful online release of the new game.

Part 1 – The Idea

These games can have a variety of origins, from a simple brainstorming session to a full-fledged production. The creative process may be more time-consuming if the goal is to introduce a novel idea, as new personalities and settings will need to be developed.

In addition, they want to come up with something new and intriguing for slot players because there are already so many different kinds of slots. The next big item will garner a lot of attention and funding. There is a TON of rivalry in the slots industry, so developers realize they have to make sure their new release stands out in some way to attract customers.

Taking into account contexts like location, target audience, and current events might spark new ideas. A global phenomenon, such as the popularity of a space-themed video game, could inspire people to work on projects with a similar concept.

It’s challenging to think of something exciting to make that is simple enough. If they can strike that fine balance, they will attract loyal followers.

This is typically simpler for branded games since its visual style and backstory are already established. Problems arise later when ensuring the visuals are consistent with the company’s identity.

Part 2 – The Techy Bit

After thoroughly outlining the idea and the concept, the next step is to make it a reality. Getting the concept off the paper is a step that often takes half a year. It’s also a highly intricate matter.

The framework for the game, as you know, it is now in place. The filmstrips and their images? Things are planned and executed in this location. The designs on their faces and the colors they use? The design team works everything out at this time.

The skeletons of previous games might be used as a starting point for new creations. The amount of work involved in designing all the minor details is enormous, even if they utilize an earlier game as a template. Two different groups created the visual effects and the audio effects.

Part 3 – Testing

Slots require testing just like any other online casino game to ensure they are fair and in line with the rules of the gambling industry. There are two phases to this process.

At first, the game will undergo internal review to guarantee its high quality. If it has been determined that these requirements have been met, the game must be evaluated by impartial organizations.

To guarantee the random number generator is truly random, testing labs like eCOGRA and iTech Laboratories will put it through their paces. To ensure the game always runs smoothly and fairly, we will also keep an eye on a number of other quality control methods.

The likes of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority keep meticulous records of this information.

Part 4 – The Big Launch

The game development process becomes more open to the public in its later stages. This is the actual view that the players have. Software developers and gambling establishment owners continue collaborating on the game’s successful rollout.

Marketing a branded video game may be a breeze. Yet when dealing with something completely novel, things get trickier. Providers typically give free spins and other intriguing promotions to draw attention to and interest in their games.

If the new game is a real money slot from a well-known developer, the online casino will feature it prominently and provide a trailer to drum up interest. Sites like ours will, of course, provide an objective evaluation to inform participants.

After it’s out into the wild, its success or failure is entirely up to you. They will know it was successful if you keep coming back to play.

There you have it: the painstaking effort it took to deliver something that would keep you entertained forever.