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OKBET Casino Update: A Must Remember Terms Related to Blackjack

Blackjack is a casino classic that has been played through the many decades since it was first introduced into the casino world. The objective of the game is to reach 21 without going over before the dealer does, and Blackjack is known as “blackjack.”

Whether you prefer to play blackjack at an online casino or in-person games at a land-based casino, you might come across some terms and phrases that are foreign to you when playing blackjack. Because of this, we have compiled a glossary of a few terms and phrases that you might hear the next time you play blackjack.

Are you ready to learn some terms that will make you sound like a seasoned Blackjack player?


Not only is it the name of the card game, but the term “Blackjack” is also used to refer to a player who reaches a total of 21 using the two cards that were initially dealt to them.

Break / Bust

Break and bust are both terms that can be used to describe a hand that totals more than 21, which results in the player automatically losing the bet.

A player or the dealer can both “break” or “bust” the game.

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Capping a Bet

When a player sneakily adds more betting chips to their original wager after the deal has already begun, this phrase is used to describe the situation.


When a deck is cut in half and then reassembled by placing the bottom half on top of the top half after the entire deck has been shuffled, this particular strategy is referred to as the “half-and-half.”

Double Down

A “double down” occurs when a player decides to receive one additional card and double their original bet. This action is referred to by its formal name, “doubling down.”

Double or Nothing

It is referred to as a “double for less move” whenever a player decides that they want to “double down,” but with a wager that is less than twice the size of the initial bet.

Down Card

A bet is referred to as “paying out the amount of the original wager” when it does exactly that: pays out the same amount that the player initially wagered.

Hold the Card

When the dealer deals the card to the player and to themselves, one of their cards is turned over so that it is facing down. The other cards that are dealt are turned over so that they are facing up. The card that is currently facing down is referred to as a down card.

First Base

On a blackjack table, this is the position that is all the way to the dealer’s left. It is also known as the “big blind.” In addition, the first player who sits at the table will receive their hand of cards from this position.

Five Car Charlie

This is a phrase that is used to describe a hand that consists of five cards and wins the round without going bust or going over 21.

Heads Up

A player is said to have a “heads up” situation when there is only one other player at the blackjack table.


When a player wants to add another card to their hand, they will say “hit,” at which point the dealer will give them another card at random from the deck.

Hole Cards

These are the cards that are dealt facedown to the player or dealer from the pack. They are known by their name.


A two-card hand with a total value of 21 points is referred to as having a “natural” and is guaranteed to win the game.


A hand of cards that has a total value of at least 17 points and the player does not wish to add any more cards to their hand is referred to as being “stuck.”

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